Design Consulting

  • Specializing in scientific instrumentation and sensors.

  • Custom electronic design and manufacture.   

  • Analog, communications wired and wireless, control, embedded, motion.

  • Electro-optic and electro-mechanical systems.

  • PCBs, prototypes, turnkey, installations.

  • Programming: embedded, Matlab, mobile, Python, and Windows.

  • Since 2003. Based in metro New York City area.

  • We serve the needs of industry, military, and science.

Core competencies

  • Analog design. Low power, low noise, high precision, high voltage. Switching power supplies.

  • Battery charging and management for various chemistries.

  • Communication systems. Bluetooth, CAN, CANopen, Ethernet, IrDA, LIN, Modbus, RS-232/485, TCP/IP, USB, WiFi / 802.11.

  • Control systems.  PID, motion, process, temperature.

  • Design from concept to finished product. Lean product development, Minimum Viable Products. Rapid prototyping and manufacturing. Turnaround within weeks in many cases.

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

  • Electro-optics. Cameras, detectors, filters, lasers, LEDs, mirrors, opto-mechanical, Peltiers. Infrared, MWIR, NDIR, PMTs, SPADs, TDLs, ultraviolet. Raman and other spectroscopy.

  • Embedded firmware.  8051 variants, ARM Cortex, Microchip PIC, TI.  DSP, FPGAs, SBCs, 8/16/32 bit.

  • Medical device regulatory compliance.  AAMI, FDA, IEC, 510(K) process.


  • Microchip Design Partner & Platinum-level Master.

  • Microsoft Partner Network, MSDN.

  • Motors and motion control, including steppers, servo, DC, BLDC, encoders, multi-axis, sensorless, centrifuge.

  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs). Layout, procurement, fabrication, assembly, test.

  • Ruggedized, Mil-Spec design. For extreme environments, including arctic, CEMS, dust, maritime, military, railroad, remote installations.

  • Sensors: acceleration / vibration, air pollution, conductivity, flow, force, humidity, impedance, light, magnetic, pH, pressure, proximity, temperature.

  • Signals and systems mathematical modeling, including Matlab / Simulink, Spice.

  • Solar powered solutions.

  • SolidWorks modeling.

  • Software development: Android, Arduino, embedded, and Windows. Tablets, mobile, SBCs.  Python including NumPy, pandas, and SciPy.

  • Texas Instruments Design Partner.

  • Ultrasonics. NDT, flow measurement, transducers.

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