Frequently Asked Questions

How can I assure success for my project? How can I avoid delays?

Late changes

'Are we there yet?'  Changes and additions after project commence can often reset the schedule.

Vague specifications

We will do our best to interpret your specifications. We will ask questions and point out any possible vagueness or contradictions.

Problematic payment

Most new customers set up a credit card account. Some established customers have Net 30 Day accounts. Problems on the payment side can slow down project progress.

Slow response

We often have follow-up questions. We can only work as quickly as we have good, accurate response from you.

Legal forms

We highly respect your intellectual property and need for security. We desire your success. Legal forms that complicate this simple trust relationship will definitely slow down the project. It tends also to add an inordinate amount of cost.


Electronics procurement is in a very challenging state right now. We do our best to stick with multiply-sourced components and with reliable vendors.

Insistence upon using legacy designs

More often than not, using old technology material only slows down new design.  This includes both hardware and software. Many unsuccessful projects start as 'we have a prototype, but it has some problems'.  Fixing legacy material is typically far more costly than developing new.