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BlueJay PIC32MZ MultiBoard

BlueJay PIC32MZ MultiBoard


The Black Oak Engineering (BOE) BlueJay PIC32MZ MultiBoard goes beyond a typical eval or demo board.  It is a Single Board Computer (SBC) designed to take on many jobs.  It also makes a good training tool.  It is like a Swiss Army Knife that fits on your pocket.  It is based on the popular and widely available Microchip PIC32MZ 32 bit processor.  It lends itself well to the development of systems for data acquisition, user interface, IOT, and automation.  It supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless.  It is compact, but still large enough for easy access by human hands.  A free, thorough Board Support Package, including a Harmony BSP, is available on GitHub.  Firmware models for many use cases are also available.

Standard features

·  3.0 × 5.0 inches (7.6 × 12.7 cm).

·  4× 4-40 (M3) mounting holes.

·  Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, RJ-45.

·  Serial QSPI Flash 8Mb standard.

·  EEPROM 128 K × 8.

·  USB Device, USB-C connector.

·  CAN port.

·  SD card.

·  Real Time Clock.

·  Crypto engine.

·  RS232 TTL.

·  Arduino Uno R3 Shield breakout footprint.

·  MikroBus Click breakout footprint.

·  All IO broken out on 100 mil headers. Either header pins or sockets may be added.

·  Test points.

·  Precision voltage reference for ADC.

·  Dedicated analog low noise area.

·  Low power design.

·  IIC.2× SPI channels.


·  Transient protection widespread.

·  Temperature stable oscillators.

·  Diagnostic LED.

·  Reset switch.

·  Supports Harmony framework.

  • Warranty

    Warranty Policy.  Any instrument ordered from BOE may be returned for full refund, less shipping costs, within 30 days of delivery, provided that the instrument has not, in the opinion of BOE been damaged or misused.  An RMA number is required in all cases.  See our Standard Terms & Conditions – Instruments for more details.

  • Options

    •    Lithium Polymer battery.                     

    Part number  BE-BLIP-01
      o    3.7 V, 1.9 A-hr.
      o    Standard JST 2 mm connector on wire leads.
      o    Battery is charge managed as long as an external 5 Vdc source is present.
      o    Note, lithium batteries may not generally be transported via aircraft.
    •    Charger, 5 Vdc, 1 A, barrel connector.  

    Part number  BE-ACDC-01

  • EAN


  • Signal table

  • Volume discounts

    There are volume breaks at 5, 10, 25, and 50 units.

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